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As you already know water is a fundamental source of wellbeing. For the most part we have access to clean fresh water but the problem is staying hydrated {especially in dry desert weather}. Have you ever heard the phrase “when you are thirsty it’s too late”? It’s really important to maintain hydration in order for your body to function correctly. According to dehydration will likely create sleepiness, dry eyes, and headaches. I know first hand the importance of proper hydration from living in Las Vegas, NV. This quandary sparked my interest to find more ways to stay hydrated.

Tip 1: Keep water with you at all times

This is more about creating the habit of carrying water with you through out the day. While in New York City I find this easier because the tap water taste so good there but while in southern California or Las Vegas I suggest Sparkletts to refill your water bottle.

Tip 2: Use a reusable bottle

This method is better for the environment and your health. According to Americans throw away enough plastics each year to wrap around the equator 300 times and plastic bottles do not decompose for thousands of years. In regards to your health the Environment California Research and Policy Center found Bisphenol A (BPA) which is found in many plastic bottles can increase risk of miscarriage, breast cancer and decrease testosterone levels. Be safe and eco-friendly and use a clean source to hold your water. One option which is my friend Kathy’s favorite is the Water BobbleThis reusable bottle has a built in water filter, BPA free and recyclable. My personal favorite is the 27 oz orange Klean Kanteen which I always carry around with me.

Tip 3: Drink your veggies

Water rich foods help keep you hydrated and are around 20 percent of your water intake. Try a green smoothie to do the trick.

Tip 4: Drink plenty of water before and during your work out 

According to Las Vegas based Nesta Personal Trainer, Amy Holler – “No matter what the intensity, remaining hydrated throughout your workout is very important. Without proper hydration dizziness, fatique, and headaches will sacrifice your workout”.

Tip 5: Drink plenty of water after your work out

It’s important to replenish afterwards to maintain your hydration.

Tip 6: Be mindful

Keep a Conscience Living Chart and document your water intake, activities, and diet.

Tip 7: Drink water during the day before and after meals

It is not suggested to drink during meals because it slows down digestion and may cause gas.

Tip 8: Ask your doctor

He/she may suggest taking supplements to help your hydration. My eye doctor suggested I take 3000mg daily of Flax Seed Oil {the vegan friendly choice for Fish Oil}. It will take a few weeks to feel the effects but so far it has helped me.

Tip 9: Have a daily water goal

Because there are many factors that come into play such as your activity level,  your weight and diet your water requirements may vary. Want to know how much water you need to drink today? This Hydration Calculator is a helpful tool.

Tip 10: Share clean water

Well this is not really a tip but more a suggestion. According to charity water unsafe water kills more people each year then all wars and violence. Sharing is caring and this is a great choice to show some love.

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My pleasure!
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