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I currently live in a very vegan friendly city in America, but my boyfriend and I want to move to South America. We are looking mainly at Chili and Argentina, but would like to drive there from the states. I have been vegan for six and a half years, and I love it. I would love to stay vegan, but would like to be able to go out to eat and generally eat easily while I travel and wherever we end up settling down.

 I would hate to have to eat only vegetarian, but I work food service and know how annoying special diets can be, so I'm wondering if it would be more effective to be a happy and easy going vegetarian then s stickler to the vegan diet. Where I am now, I consider myself to be an easy going vegan, I don't question every 16 letter long word in the ingredient list, and if the cooks at a restaurant try to make my food vegan, I appreciate the effort and consume it, gratefully. But I can imagine asking for a meat, dairy and egg free meal in South America being similar to asking the waitress of a local restaurant here to provide me with a vegan gluten-free low sodium and no sugar meal. (By the way, I am not gluten-free, low sodium or sugar free, I'm just trying to draw a comparison). So, again, is it better for me to be easily meat free then a struggling, annoying vegan?

And has anyone traveled or lived in either Chile or Argentina before? Tips?

What is your opinion on all of this?

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Hi there!
I am a vegan living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I've just started a home meal delivery service called Cocina Verde. You can read more about it here:

I'm also raising a small amount of funds through Kickstarter to grow further. You can watch my video and learn more about what's available here in Argentina here:

As for restaurants, there are a few here that offer vegan options - two to check out are Buenos Aires Verde & Bio Restaurant. There is definitely a movement beginning here for raw and vegan food. Gabriel Cousens has been here twice in the last few months giving talks and workshops.

The vegan organization here is called Animas (

I hope that helps and inspires you to come to Argentina!


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